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How to remove optical drive (CD/DVD drive) from a Toshiba Satellite A505 and Satellite A505D laptop.

In this guide I explain how to remove the optical CD/DVD drive from a Toshiba Satellite A505 laptop. Most likely this guide also works for Satellite A500 series. I believe that Satellite A505D, Satellite A500 and Satellite A500D laptops have similar body style.



What could be easier than removing the optical drive, right? Wrong!!! Not in this model. In order to remove and replace the CD/DVD drive you'll have to disassemble the entire laptop.

Also, you can use this guide for removing the keyboard, top cover and even motherboard.

PAGE 1. Removing laptop keyboard.
PAGE 2. Removing hard drive, memory modules and top cover assembly.
PAGE 3. Removing LED board and optical drive cover.
PAGE 4. Removing and replacing optical DVD drive.

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Turn off the laptop and remove the battery. I start laptop disassembly with removing the keyboard.

Using a sharp object carefully lift up the keyboard bezel.
Continue removing bezel with your fingers.



Under the bezel you'll find four screws securing the keyboard.
Remove all four screws.



Carefully lift up the keyboard.



Now you can access the keyboard cable connector underneath the keyboard.
You have to unlock the connector and release the cable before removing the keyboard.



In order to unlock the connector move the locking clip about 2 millimeters towards the LCD screen.
The clip must stay attached to the connector base. If you break the connector, you'll have to replace the whole motherboard.
Now you can pull the cable and remove the keyboard.



Remove hard drive and memory covers from the laptop bottom.



Remove one screw securing the hard drive.

It's not necessary to remove the hard drive in order to replace the optical drive.
I'm doing that only for your convenience, so you know how to access and remove the hard drive.

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