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How to take apart Toshiba Satellite P755, P755D, P750, P750D laptops.

The following guide I made for taking apart a Toshiba Satellite P755 laptop.

In this particular case I'm taking apart a Toshiba Satellite P755-S5265 model.

All disassembly steps should work for the following models:
- Toshiba Satellite P755D.
- Toshiba Satellite P750.
- Toshiba Satellite P750D.

All four models have the same body but different specs for internal components.

During this disassembly process I'll go though the following major steps:
STEP 1-5: Accessing laptop memory. Removing laptop hard drive and DVD drive.
STEP 6-12: Disconnecting and removing the laptop keyboard.
STEP 13-19: Removing the top cover assembly. Accessing speakers, media control board and touchpad.
STEP 20-24: Removing the cooling fan. Accessing power button board and DC jack harness.



In one of the next guides I explain how to remove the screen.

Click on any picture to enlarge.



First of all, make sure the laptop is powered off.

Unlock and remove the battery.



You'll find two covers on the bottom of the laptop - the memory cover and hard drive cover.

Loosen screws securing both covers. Lift up and remove both covers.



Slide the hard drive to the left to disconnect it from the motherboard.

Lift up and remove the hard drive.

My Toshiba Satellite P755 laptop had a regular 2.5" SATA hard drive removed. This drive can be easily replaced with a larger capacity drive or SSD.



Both memory slots/modules can be accessed on the bottom of the laptop.

I'll leave both memory modules connected because it's not necessary to remove them for the purpose of my guide.



Remove one screw securing the DVD drive on the bottom of the laptop.

Pull the DVD drive from the laptop and remove it.



Remove two screws securing the keyboard.



Insert a piece of soft plastic between the keyboard and top cover and carefully lift up the keyboard.

I'm using the guitar pick for that.

After the top side of the keyboard lifted up you can continue removing it with your fingers.



Lift up the top side of the keyboard as it shown on the picture.



Move the keyboard towards the screen so you can access cable connectors located under the keyboard.

There are two cables: data cable and backlight cable.

In the following two steps I show how to unlock both connectors and release cables.



Each connector has a locking tab (moving part).

Slide the locking tab about 1-2 millimeters toward the display. Doing this will release the cable.

NOTE: the locking tab must stay attached to the connector base.



On this picture both connectors shown in the unlocked position.

Now you can pull cables from both connectors.



Lift up and remove the keyboard.

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