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How to disassemble Toshiba Satellite Pro L450 and Satellite L455 laptops.

This guide explains how to disassemble a Toshiba Satellite Pro L450 laptop. I used this model as an example.
Also the guide should be exactly the same or very similar for the following models:
- Toshiba Satellite Pro L450D
- Toshiba Satellite L450
- Toshiba Satellite L450D
- Toshiba Satellite L455
- Toshiba Satellite L455D

There could be some differences in disassembly steps but they could be minor.

For the LCD screen removal and replacement instructions check out this screen removal guide.


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First of all, make sure the laptop is turned off and battery removed.
Remove/loosen screws securing the hard drive cover and memory cover.
Lift up and remove both covers.



In order to disconnect the hard drive from the motherboard, slide it to the left.
Lift up and remove the hard drive assembly.



The hard drive secured inside the mounting bracket.
If you are replacing the hard drive you'll have to remove two screws on each side and transfer the bracket to the new drive.
As you see, I had a regular 2.5" SATA hard drive installed into my Satellite Pro L450 laptop.
You can upgrade it with any other large capacity 2.5" SATA hard drive or SSD drive.



Both memory slots can be accessed on the bottom of the laptop.
This is very convenient for upgrading memory.
In my laptop I had only one 2GB memory module installed (it was installed in the outer slot).
This laptop uses PC3-8500 memory modules.

Do not disconnect antenna cables from the wireless card unless you going to remove the display panel.



In order to remove the memory module it's necessary to spread latches on both sides of the memory slot.
After the memory module pops up at a 30 degree angle, you can pull it from the slot.



Remove one screw securing the DVD drive (screw located close to the wireless card).
Pull the DVD drive from the laptop and remove it.



In the following few steps I explain how to remove the keyboard. It's not necessary to follow steps 1-6 in order to remove the keyboard.

Using a sharp object lift up one side of the keyboard bezel. Continue removing the bezel with your fingers.

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