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Toshiba Satellite L25

Disassembling Toshiba Satellite L25 notebook and overclocking the CPU.

You can use this guide if you want to repair, remove, replace, upgrade, clean, fix the following laptop parts: system board, video board, sound board, power board, modem, memory, wireless card, processor, cpu, cooling module, fan, keyboard, touchpad, cd-rom, dvd-rom, cd-rw, hard drive, LED board, hdd connection board, usb board, battery, cables.



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Removing hard drive


Remove the plastic covers for the Hard Drive, RAM, and WiFi card. Remove all the screws on the underside of the laptop that are recessed into the plastic frame.


Remove RAM


Remove the RAM by pushing the two tabs away from each other. To remove the Hard Drive, unscrew the screw circled in red first, then pull on the plastic tab to pull the Hard Drive out of the IDE connector slot. *For the WiFi card, if you feel comfortable taking off the two connectors circled in red, then do so in order to remove the WiFi card. I personally was not comfortable taking them off because they are so small. I will explain later on how to remove the WiFi card later on if you do not remove it in this step.*

Laptop hard drive and memory


Here is a picture of the Hard Drive and the RAM. Please place them where they are safe from ESD (anti-static bag, piece of cardboard, etc.)
Disassemble laptop


On the backside of the laptop remove the 3 screws that are circled in red.


Disassembling laptop


In the battery compartment area unscrew the screws that are circled in red. Then open the laptop screen slightly so that the whole laptop is in an upside down "V" shape. Unhook the plastic tabs circled in green.
Removing keyboard


Open the screen all the way so that it is parallel with the main body of the laptop. Gently take off the plastic piece above the keyboard by lifting it up.
Disconnect keyboard cable


Lift the keyboard up and flip it over. Disconnect the ribbon cable by pulling on the blue plastic tab. Also disconnect the white ribbon cable as well.


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