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How to disassemble Toshiba Satellite A665 and A665D.

In this guide I explain how to disassemble Toshiba Satellite A665 laptop.

This guide also should work for the following models:
- Toshiba Satellite A665D.
- Toshiba Satellite A660.
- Toshiba Satellite A660D.

All these models are very similar and all disassemble steps should be very similar too.


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Before you start, make sure the laptop is turned off (not hibernated or in sleep mode) and battery removed.
Loosen/remove two screws securing the hard drive and memory covers.
Lift up and remove both covers.



Slide the hard drive to the left to disconnect it from the motherboard.
Lift up and remove the hard drive.

Note: in my Toshiba Satellite A665 laptop I had a regular 500GB 2.5" SATA hard drive installed. You can upgrade it to any larger 2.5" SATA hard drive or SSD.



Both memory slots/modules can be accessed on the bottom of the laptop.
Remove both memory modules.

This laptop uses DDR3-8500 (1066MHz) memory modules.



Remove one screw securing the DVD drive.
Pull DVD drive from the laptop and remove it.



The following seven steps explain how to remove the keyboard. If you just replacing the keyboard it's not necessary to go though all previous steps.

Remove three screws securing the keyboard on the bottom of the laptop.



In Toshiba Satellite A665/A665D laptop the keyboard seated very tightly.
You'll find a hole in the battery compartment.
Push on the keyboard through this hole with a not very sharp object.
At the same time grab the keyboard with your fingers on the other side of the laptop.



Lift up the keyboard.



Move the keyboard towards the LCD screen so you can access the cable connector underneath.

You must unlock the connector and release keyboard cable before removing the keyboard.



On this picture the keyboard connector shown in the locked position.
The connector has two parts: base (brown) which is soldered to the motherboard and locking tab (moving part).
Using your finger nails move the locking tab about 1 millimeter towards the LCD screen.
The locking tab must stay attached to the connector base. Do not move it too far.

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