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Taking apart Toshiba Satellite P105 or Satellite P100 notebook.

This guied explains how to disassemble a Toshiba Satellite P105 notebook. Also, this guide will work for Satellite P100 notebooks. Some Satellite P100 notebooks have discrete video cards. In my case, the video card is integrated into the motherboard.



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Unplug the AC adapter and turn the laptop upside down. Unlock and remove the battery.
Remove covers for hard drive, memory and wireless card. Each cover is secured in place by two screws.



Remove two screws securing the hard drive to the notebook base. Slide the hard drive to the left to disconnect it from the connector on the motherboard. Remove the hard drive.
Remove both memory modules.
Remove two screws securing the wireless card. After the card pops up pull it from the socket on the motherboard and unplug the antenna cables.
The white cable connects to the main connector on the card and the black on to the auxiliary connector.



Remove all screws marked with a red circle.



Remove one screw on the back of the right hinge.



To get an access to the keyboard screws you'll have to remove the keyboard bezel first. Lift up one side of the keyboard bezel with a flathead screwdriver and then continue removing it with your fingers. Unsnap plastic latches securing the bezel and remove it.



Remove six small silver screws located above the keyboard.



Lift up the keyboard and carefully turn it over. Place the keyboard upside down on the palm rest. Now you can access the keyboard cable connector.
Remove the yellow tape securing the cable, unlock the connector and carefully pull cable.
Remove the keyboard.

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